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London Tax Network

London Tax Network is a tax investigations and dispute resolution specialist firm. Interventions by HMRC can be expensive, stressful and intrusive. We aim to take the stress out of the situation by resolving disputes swiftly and with a  mutually agreeable settlement. We liaise with HMRC and the client to respond to HMRC’s queries in a timely and appropriate manner, ensuring that responses are sufficient to allay HMRC’s concerns and with a view to resolution without delay.

Our expertise means we know when HMRC are overstepping their limits and how best to protect the client. We are also able to engage with advisers and assist them “behind the scenes” to resolve disputes.

London Tax Society

London Tax Society was set up by Mala Kapacee in January 2018 to provide a forum for young professionals to build their networks whilst broadening their technical awareness. Since then, LTS has grown fast and it became impossible to provide the same level of quality to attendees without charging for events. To improve the user experience, LTS rebranded, developing a new website and membership area.

Providing high quality, accessible professional development and networking opportunities to young professionals is an area Mala is passionate about and London Tax Network Ltd is proud to sponsor LTS events.

There are opportunities to get involved so please Contact us if you are interested.


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LondonTaxSociety - FurloughFraud

New Penalties for Furlough Fraud

Royal Assent was given to the Finance Bill on 22 July 2020 and with it came an increase in HMRC’s jurisdiction to go after those who have incorrectly claimed Coronavirus Support Payment (CSP) schemes. The powers allow HMRC to identify those who have incorrectly claimed CSPs, to ensure the correct tax is paid on those…


Tax and Insolvency

This article was published by Bloomsbury Professional on 16 June 2020 and you can see the original here. For some time, HMRC have been lobbying to become preferred creditors on liquidation of a company. Under current rules, secured creditors are paid first and all unsecured creditors (HMRC included) are paid afterwards, with each unsecured creditor…


Is the Ministry “interfering at Hogwarts”?

Hopefully readers will recognise the quote above from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, when the Ministry for Magic place an official at Hogwarts to “oversee matters”. With this in mind, we take a look at HMRC’s consultation on Raising Standards in the Tax Advice Market and discuss what the impact might be…