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London Tax Network

London Tax Network is a tax investigations and dispute resolution specialist firm. Interventions by HMRC can be expensive, stressful and intrusive. We aim to take the stress out of the situation by resolving disputes swiftly and with a  mutually agreeable settlement. We liaise with HMRC and the client to respond to HMRC’s queries in a timely and appropriate manner, ensuring that responses are sufficient to allay HMRC’s concerns and with a view to resolution without delay.

Our expertise means we know when HMRC are overstepping their limits and how best to protect the client. We are also able to engage with advisers and assist them “behind the scenes” to resolve disputes.

London Tax Society

London Tax Society was set up by Mala Kapacee in 2017 to provide a forum for young professionals to build their networks whilst broadening their technical awareness. Since then, LTS has grown fast and it became impossible to provide the same level of quality to attendees without charging for events. To improve the user experience, LTS rebranded, developing a new website and membership area.

Providing high quality, accessible professional development and networking opportunities to young professionals is an area Mala is passionate about and London Tax Network Ltd is proud to sponsor LTS events.

There are opportunities to get involved so please Contact us if you are interested.


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Overpayment relief - late claims

Overpayment relief – late claims

Overpayment relief is a claim to be made if a taxpayer realises they have overpaid their tax. The time limit for claiming overpayment relief is four years from the end of the tax year to which the claim relates. The legislation for overpayment relief is contained primarily within TMA 1970, Sch 1AB (with further legislation…

Webinar: Employee Ownership Trusts

Webinar takeaways – Employee Ownership Trusts

Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs) were introduced in 2014 as an alternative exit strategy for business owners. In this presentation, Angela Ferguson compared the use of EOTS to a sale to third parties and Management Buyouts, from a tax as well as commercial perspective. She went on to discuss the benefits, drawbacks and tax implications of…

Penalties Legislation HMRC policy

Penalties: Legislation vs HMRC policy

You will probably be aware that penalties for an inaccurate return vary depending on the “behaviour” that led to the tax loss. The “behaviour” is split into three different categories – reasonable care, carelessness, deliberate but not concealed and deliberate and concealed – with all penalties applied to all except those who took reasonable care.…